Sunday, December 6, 2009


OK, so I bragged about Yates yesterday......only to find a Sunday morning disaster. Why is church so hard? With fingers crossed and mindful prayers we set about our morning drive
looking somewhat like the Grizwall family. We're a little late of course. Sarah and I sneak
through the doors while Rolf hangs with Yates.....just until the announcements are over. Deep
sigh....all is well. A few moments go by, and then out of nowhere, "COOKIE!!!!" bellows through
sanctuary, "I WANT COOKIE!!!!!" yells a small child from outside the door. My head drops and
I peak at my mother-in law, we smile at each other because we know the cookie monster
personally. OK, so no big deal, Yates wants a cookie. Will Rolf deliver???? that is the million dollar question, but not soon enough! And BOMB! ....he's on a roll, even the choir can not compete with the wails of one Yates Hazlehurst. This must be my cue to exit, and there they
are, one stressed out dad, and one unhappy Yates. Another deep sigh.............we'll try again next Sunday.


  1. I'm so glad you have this blog and the foundation site! I saw the ad in the Jackson Sun and checked it out right away!!

    If you don't remember the names, I'm Kim and Asa is my son with mitochondrial disease. We met at Maggie Moo's and almost met with Jacque at the TV show.

    I look forward to following ya'll and pray for Yates and the whole family!


  2. Hi Kim!!! Of course I remember you and Asa! I'm so glad you checked out the site. I hope Asa is doing well. You guys are in my prayers as well. Merry Christmas!