Monday, January 11, 2010

Parents Cry Too

I think there is a book out there titled "Parents Cry Too" or something similar. Please forgive my spelling and head is pounding as Yates continues to scream this evening. I know
he is in pain. We've run the list, is it acid reflux, is it his head, could it be yeast again? He's still
locked inside and cannot tell us.............oh, how I want to help him so bad, so bad that I could cry too. I thought my crying days were over. In time your skin toughens and you become immune to so much. But not tonight, no tonight I hurt with him and I pray to God- please help my son.

To think that I am alone would be ludicrous. The CDC's new findings now indicate that children with Autism are 1 in 100. What's really crazy is that statistic is from 2004. My God, what could the number be on this day, January 11, 2010?

To think of my future would be too overwhelming, so tonight I pray for Yates and I pray for my fellow mothers and their struggle with Autism. May God heal our children.

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