Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just the other day I was playing around with Facebook and came across something really cool.
Several moms were posting back and forth all the wonderful lessons they had learned through their experience with autism. Naturally, I began to think about Yates and the last 8 years of
facing this mysterious and baffling disorder. So, I thought I would share some of my own thoughts as well as lessons learned, some even the hard way:

1. The term "retard" and the phrase "the short bus" should be outlawed.

2. Alcohol is not the answer. (Ugh, hard lesson here) :)

3. Ceilings, furniture, material wealth, etc..... WAY OVERRATED!

4. What some take for granted such as a simple word or a tiny gain in progress, we call for a CELEBRATION at my house.

5. Humility..............yes, can you believe it, it's not about me and my timeline, instead it's
about God and His purpose in my least that's what I think.

6. No matter what, I try to keep HOPE in my heart, without it, I am lost.

7. I would rather trust my instincts over anything the government recommends! HA! yes, I said it!!!

8. The most wonderful people I have ever met are parents of a child with autism!

9. As I think about Yates and his innocence of the world, I long to be more like him. There is no
gossip and judging others in his world..........he is just so beautiful inside and out!

There has to be so many more lessons, but this is what a beautiful Saturday morning brought
to me!

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